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Our Value Propositions

WECC LT is built for energy analysts by energy analysts.

    • Timely – all cases for all 25 years are updated every day; no stale data or forecasts
    • Accurate – WECC LT uses the Ansergy forecast engines that have been market tested for the last five years
    • Complete – Nothing redacted, your team will have complete access to our input assumptions and output; from hourly to yearly, all fourteen power hubs
    • Intuitive – Two custom interfaces to help you generate the reports that serve your needs.
    • Transparent – We share All: Algorithms, source data, key assumptions and include aggregations starting at hourly.

WECC LT Functions

Model Calibration

Even if you have your own forecast, or you purchase someone else’s, you are still left wondering “is it right?” WECC LT is a transparent service where everything is shared; our analysts will work with your team to identify why the two forecasts are different and even join in the debate over “who’s right?” You may also want to run your model with our inputs, say our hourly hydro in Plexos or Aurora, or our Distributed Generation forecast by Balancing Authority. Using WECC LT’s inputs can vastly increase your firm’s turn-around times for generating a wide array of forecast scenarios.

Source of Inputs

Ansergy dumps its hourly input dataset either by hub or BA. We can also modify the dump to make it readily importable to Plexos or Aurora (or any other model). From solar to wind forecasts, demand by type (Base Demand, Electric Vehicle Demand, and Distributed Generation negative demand), and hydro by the plant, all our inputs are at your fingertips. WECC LT’s 25-year gas price forecast is updated every day and available as a daily input. Gathering the data is the most time-consuming component of long-term forecasting; we’ll make your firm more efficent.

Second Opinion

Opinions, we all have them. The danger is not that opinions diverge, it’s that they converge around some in-house consensus view. Differences of opinion are what drives the deep dives into an unknown future and often result in significant insights. WECC LT’s team of analysts are available to share their insights into the many components of a 25-year forecast. Our product is developed independent but reflects the collective thinking of all of our clients. Purchasing a WECC LT subscription is like adding three analysts to your firm’s team.

WECC LT Features

Updated Daily

Why would you care if your 25-year forecast was updated every day? Do things change that fast? No, most elements won’t change but a few days, like natural gas prices or loads. Gas will change daily, especially the first five to ten years and not only will the absolute price change the relative prices (basis) is equally dynamic. Why wait six months or a year to see those changes? Instead, know with confidence your forecast is as fresh as fresh gets.

Demand also is a relatively volatile input to a 25-year forecast. WECC LT updates its Electric Vehicle and Distributed Generation components once a month based upon the most recent EIA or other source data. We also recalibrate Balancing Authority load growth daily based upon actual weather normalized loads. Those are two of the most common changes, but there are other elements to the forecast which may be revised.

New generation and/or retired generation assumptions are partially based upon the monthly EIA filings. WECC LT also is under constant and continuous review and on occasion, with advance warning, we are tweaking the algorithms. As mentioned before, WECC LT is Timely as well as accurate, complete, intuitive, and transparent.

Customized Scenarios

WECC LT includes five scenarios (or cases, if you prefer) that we believe cover three standard deviations of possible outcomes. The Ansergy Team picked these cases but your firm may have a different opinion, you probably do. No problem, WECC LT is a flexible platform which offers either the Standard 25-year forecasts or a completely custom set of scenarios that your firm selects. The Customized Scenario product will have a dedicated cloud server rendering your personalized forecasts each and every day. One size fits a lot of people but not everyone and Ansergy’s commitment to you is to deliver a product that EXACTLY fits your needs.

User Interfaces

WECC LT generates close to one billion records each day; try finding that needle in a province of haystacks? With Ansergy’s intuitive interfaces you can filter, chart, and download exactly what you need and want with just a few clicks. Want to see nine reports stacked next to each other? Not a problem, WECC LT incorporates Ansergy’s Dashboard views that allow you to create multiple report views. Since Demand is such a powerful 25-year driver we’ve even created a section to allow you to view Utility-level demand by demand type (Base Demand, Distributed Generation, Electric Vehicle Demand, and Net Demand).

Our powerful query/filter tools make it easy to view exactly what you need to see. Our aggregations range from hourly to yearly with all period types in between. Pictures say a thousand words and our intuitive charting tools let you create beautiful charts with just a few clicks. Save those to dashboards and get a complete view of the forecast on one screen.

Download Everything

So many services hide/redact/obfuscate their results because they know too much detail only begets questions and concerns. WECC LT is 100% transparent, all of our data is available at any aggregation level with just a click. This powerful feature provides the means to use WECC LT download as inputs in your firm’s existing Plexos/Aurora models (or any other service). We can also pre-format our output to an exact specification to further integrate our results into your processes.

Need to automate the downloads? Not a problem, Ansergy will setup a secure FTP and place all the data, in the format you need, on our FTP platform. Our downloads range from Custom (download whatever you’ve filtered in the Interface) to Complete in any aggregation.