Why WECC Long Term (LT)?

We provide an independent forecast of the next 25 years which is meticulously prepared by our experienced analyst and traders. Our service motto is TACIT: Timely, Accurate, Complete, Intuitive, and Transparent. WECC LT will incrementally enhance your firm's existing vision into that uncertain future at a price which is surprisingly affordable.

What Our Clients Say About WECC LT

“The forecast results were full of surprises, but after diving into the details it all made sense.” —

VP Orgination, Oil Major

“Inutitive interface, easy to find the needles in the haystacks. I love this service.” —

Manager if IOU IRP Team

“For the price, this is the best long-term forecast service out there.” —

Head of Trading – Private Equity.

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WECC LT Features

The industry’s only 25 Year forecast updated daily with five scenarios. Custom scenarios available. WECC LT’s user-friendly online interfaces generate the exact reports you need. Our data is readily available and can be downloaded from hourly to yearly.

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